Special Events

Exciting things are coming our way in 2018!

Check back often as details get ironed out for workshops with local herbalists, HoneyRoot, and more~!


I’m excited and honored to be a part of the teaching team for
WILD INTEGRATION this year starting in SPRING 2018!

What is Wild Integration?? Wild Integration is an educational experience intended to re-awaken and reconnect ourselves to the importance of a Wholistic Lifestyle through the exploration of a variaty of multi-cultural philosophies, practices and sciences which share common links.

Imagine teams of educators, from all different fields of regenerative and healing practices, to join forces and come together to offer transformational courses in which the many layers of our lives are woven together within ONE framework. While our collective awareness is expanding and more evolved healing and sustainable practices are emerging, there are missing pieces and barriers to their interconnection that inhibit a comprehensive understanding.

Wild Integration sprouts from the realization that we need to collaborate with one another in order to achieve the thriving universal well being we are yearning towards.