In 2011, Yoga found me searching around Los Angeles for a sense of wellness and belonging. It took my hand and walked me into my first class… I haven’t left the mat since.  At first arrival, I was searching for some kind of external inspiration, better understanding of my body and the eager release of the stress I had started to carry around. I quickly realized yoga was the key to unlocking the big and beautiful world that lies within, the reflection of strength I had always carried, and the roadmap to the simplicity I had always wanted.

Now nestled in so-called Soda Springs, northwest of Lake Tahoe on the native lands of the Maidu, this practice of yoga has slowly began to merge with my other passions including mental well-being and earth-body connection. As a student of Somatic Psychology and a novice herbalist, I’ve been busy weaving together a new picture of wholeness – one that considers mind, body, spirit, and the greater web of life as intricate and intimate aspects of that complete picture of Self. By linking asana and meditation with non-judgmental listening and aspects of Earth Based knowing, I strive to deliver myself and others first back to our bodies, and then those bodies back to the greater web of life. It’s self-care to the highest power.

My mission, if I can be so bold to claim one, is to reunite mind, body, spirit and Earth.

Embodied life feels good… Let me show you.


Tayla Ealom is a Received her 200 hour teacher training certification from The Bhakti Yoga Shala  under Govindas and specializes in hatha, gentle, and  vinyasa style classes in Berkeley. She’s studied Anusara yoga with Kenny Graham, Siri Peterson, and Chrissy Graham at YogaKula, as well as yoga and the psyche with Mariana Caplan and yoga for the emotional body with Pete Guinosso. Her deep passion is connecting the healing power of yoga with internal emotional and psychological work. She often invites students to rewrite the internal story and start releasing from limiting beliefs.

She is has her Masters in Psychological Studies and Somatic Psychology is currently pursuing her PhD in Women’s Spirituality at The California Institute of Integral Studies. Through her training, she has gained invaluable skills in working with trauma and affect regulation through both her own body and the bodies of those she works with. Her current work with individuals (and groups) can include intuitive bodywork, therapeutic counseling, movement both indoors and with the more-than-human world, reflections in nutrition and herbal supports. These explorations remain as invitations to each person so they can show up just as they are without the need for anything to be other than exactly as it is.

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