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What does it mean to be InTouch with ourselves, with one another, and with the larger world? This question is where I have found myself after years of searching for an understanding of my place. To arrive in relationship to all that is allows me to settle into a meaningful and intentional life; to live a life of purpose, guided by all that I am because of my relations.

Welcome to a space for (y)our healing. A place where, together, we can get InTouch with all that you are in relationship to, and, together, find a way to do your life well. On this site, I hope you will find inspiration, I hope you will find curiosity, and I hope you will find connection. This is a space where I gently place my thoughts. This is a site where we connect to work together through my therapeutic bodywork aptly named InTouch Intuitive Bodywork + other modalities of healing and connection. This is a place for you to reflect on what wholeness means to you. This is a meeting place of minds as the beginning of the meeting of bodies.

Enjoy a big breath. Take a look around. Get InTouch.

You are welcome here.



Tayla Ealom is a bodyworker and embodiment counselor located in Marquette, MI. She works with people to alleviate stress, reduce chronic pain and tension, negotiate and liberate the bodymindspirit from the trappings of trauma, elevate relaxation, deepen a sense of Self, purpose, and spiritual connection, and find a lived experience of well-being. Through embodiment and connection to the Earth through meditation, herbalism, and ritual, she is working toward offering her own flavor of healing. She is a student, a teacher, a friend, a dog mother, a sister, a daughter, a lover and a child of the Earth striving for deepened connections to place as the starting point for deep healing and transformation. She hopes this work will help to free our society from the trappings of colonialism, dysfunctional patriarchy, capitalism, corporatism, misogyny, white supremacy, and narrow-mindedness. She offers herself to this work in the service of all life.

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

May all beings be happy. May all beings know peace.